Chrome Extension for PeopleSoft

My friend and former colleague Uffe Graakjaer has just published a new Chrome Extension called PS Utilities that might be of interest to PeopleSoft users. It can be found here.

The extension is great for developers, administrators, testers, etc. who
  1. use Google Chrome web browser
  2. to access multiple PeopleSoft environments
  3. with different User IDs.
The main features are available through a new toolbar that can be positioned anywhere on the screen. The toolbar is configurable and can include
  1. the User ID that you are logged in as
  2. the name of the PeopleSoft Environment that you are logged in to
  3. a Shortcuts menu which, unlike Favourites, can span all environments
  4. a link to display menu/component/page information normally accessed through CTRL-J keyboard combination.
I recommend checking it out. Uffe plans to add more features soon. Any ideas for new features (or feedback on the current extension) would also be appreciated.


  1. Thanks I'll have to check it out.

  2. Hi Melban. I'm assuming you are the publisher of PSChrome extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pschrome/cpgoncheakfjhldfbebekijoeaabnfeb?utm_campaign=en&utm_source=en-et-na-us-oc-webstrext&utm_medium=et)... I only discovered it after Uffe published his. Now I have both installed.

  3. Yes I'm the creator and it is great to see more excitement in the area.

  4. Good tool.

    But I am not getting page/comp/menu information; got as below:
    Menu: undefined
    Component: undefined
    Page: undefined

    1. Hi Govind. Not sure what could be the problem. What application and what path are you trying to get the page information from. What version of tools is your PS environment? The extension has only been tested against tools 8.52.

    2. Sometimes you need to do the following so that information is output with each page.

      1. Please navigate to PeopleTools -> Web Profile -> Web Profile Configuration
      2. Search for your environment
      3. Go to the 'Debugging' tab
      4. Check 'Show Connection & Sys Info' checkbox
      5. Save and restart application server