Most Recently Used

A new feature of PeopleTools 8.50 is the horizontal navigation menu that runs across the top of the screen below the header. It means the menu down the left hand side is no longer needed. This new horizontal menu has a Favourites menu item, and on this it keeps track of the most recently accessed components you have navigated to. But it is capped at the last 5. Wouldn't it be great to increase this, to 10 maybe. The Most Recently Used items are set using the PT_HNAV_JS HTML Definition. Line 1474 has a CONSTANT called MAX_MRU which is set at 5 as delivered. Increase this to 10 (or more if you want) and voila, your Most Recently Used items increase to 10.


  1. It appears that in our PT 8.51 release, this code is in the PT_HNAV_JS_1.js (java script) file.
    I could only find this file in \\pswebdevfs\psoft\\webserv\\applications\peoplesoft\PORTAL.war\\cache
    This is a cache directory and gets cleaned out whenever we delete cache.
    I made the change from 5 to 10 there and saw no effect in my browser. I am afraid we may be in a “Catch 22” situation here as we may have to clear cache for the change to take effect which deletes the change we want to take effect.

  2. Oh, da... It's an HTML definition in the App Designer. Found it, fixed it, works great!
    Thanks Neil

  3. How many times does that happen to me? You take the time to explain a problem to someone and as you are doing so the solution pops into your mind. Hope you find it useful.